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Yes, I did take this picture….

I also took this one…. So yes,… I’m like 12… So sue me. I find it funny. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Now this is one awesome/tough kid!

First, a little hardcore, raging music video…     And next, for those who get squimish around a loose tooth, check this out!  

Lesson from our Kids

So I said this blog would be about everything that I consider important, and what’s more important that our kids?!?  Here’s an excellent article on what we can learn from our kids, and it’s not quite exactly what you’d expect.  It’s ironic really; sometimes we wish our kids would stay little forever, but then other times, we seem to forget
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Off to the Cornwall Inn

Tara’s Christmas present was a B&B weekend. On our way now. Welcome basket, horse and buggy ride, vineyard tour, and a chef prepared private dinner. Woo-hoo! Can’t wait. Pics and commentary when we get back. Update 1: Finally here!

It’s Jakob’s birthday!

Family birthday time. The little guy looks to be ready to wrap his own gifts! And now he’s ready for dessert!

Jamaica ROCKS!

What can I say about my trip to Jamaica?  It was awesome.  Great weather, great food, great service, great woman, and great new friends.  This super nice couple from Canada took what is one of my favorite pictures of the trip. Check out more pics here: Jamaica Trip 2011 and here are some videos from the trip!  


I’ve mentioned this story to so many people so many times that I figured I’d best post this so everyone can finally SEE what I’m talking about.  So here it is; Watch little Annika expressing her true love of the Yankees for the first time! GO-YANKEES.avi

Let’s hear it for adrenaline junkies!

Banged up iPhone :-/

If your iPhone stops working, reboot it.  Just like a Windows machine.  It tends to fix things!  LOL!  Just saying…  You’re welcome Kayla!

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